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Zolderrenovatie Belhouse Atelier renovatie aanemer zolderinrichting dakraam velux trap zolder inrichting
Totaalrenovatie renovatie aannemer interieurontwerp

Total renovation

Kasten op maat inbouwkast maatwerk schrijnwerker


Badkamerrenovatie renovatie aannemer badkamer totaalrenovatie interieurontwerp


Zolderrenovatie zolderinrichting zolder renovatie aannemer totaalproject interieurontwerp

Furnish the attic

Do you want to renovate an attic?
But don't know where to start?
Then you are on the right page!

BELHOUSE ATELIER takes care of your entire renovation project.
Yes you read that right:

We design
and/or carry out your renovation project with
only one point of contact!

Are you looking for a contractor you can build on? We have all the expertise to realize your project according to your wishes and budget.

What projects are you planning? Make your choice below


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